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[HOW TO] Post Pictures on Alltrac.net

Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:06 pm

this may of already been done. but i could not find the thread to it, and i did look.

Step 1

Choose a picture hosting website.


I typically use http://photobucket.com/, since they allow you to create a profile with them and then store all the pictures you so desire on their site and you access them anytime and anywhere you want. As well as when you upload you can upload up 50 pics at one time. Plus they allow you to create albums and all sorts of helpful little things of that nature.

Though for this how to article i will show you via http://imageshack.us/ since it is super easy to host a picture from them.

So for now go to http://imageshack.us/ .

Step 2

Once http://imageshack.us/ loads click "Browse", note red box in picture below:


Now Browse through your computer to where your photo(s) are stored. Then Highlight the pictures you want by holding down the "Ctrl" key(idk what it is on mac's, i dont care about mac's).


Once you have selected the picture(s) you want to share, click "Open".

Step 3

Once you clicked "Open", that window should disappear and then you should see all the pictures you chose to upload ready to upload. Example brown box in picture below:


Pink box: I ignore this box since one its optional, and two you will probably get a shit load of spam if you decide to put your email in there.

Green Box: Unless you want your pictures tiny, DON'T check this box. DO NOT!

Blue Box: In thumbnail(a thumbnail is a tiny little picture that you would post so you dont clutter a website with super huge pics), at the bottom of the thumbnail you can have the memory size and resolution of the said picture displayed. Its up to you if you want that there or not.

Red MS Paint Arrows: Now that you are ready to upload the pictures you can click upload! :)

As it uploads you will see this:
If it is taking a while have some FUCKING patience...sorry i work in IT and you none IT people are always so up patient with your computers.:shoots:

Step 4

Once your photo(s) have been uploaded the window will change and will look like this:


What you want is what is highlighted by the red box, the "Direct Link to image". Copy the link only, make sure you get it all and only the link it self.

Step 5

After you copied the link go back to alltrac.net, go to where you want to post a photo. In the window it will look like this:


Red Box: Click the button labeled "Img" twice.
Lime Green Box : If you clicked the "Img" button twice you will see [im.g][/im.g] (without the periods between m and g)

now paste you link to the photo between theImage

Then you are done.

I really did try to make it as brainless as possible. Hopefully this can help out alot of the noobs. Hopefully.
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Thu Aug 06, 2009 12:14 pm

Nice work 8)

Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:11 pm

awesome work now when a newb asks we direct them here should make this a sticky

Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:39 pm

Thanks guys. Lol that is the exact reason why i made it, i have grown tired of retyping tutorials via pm to people on how to post pics. So i figured i would make a link that would make life easy for all :).

Fri Aug 14, 2009 3:46 pm


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