[HOW TO] Create a Signature on Alltrac.net

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[HOW TO] Create a Signature on Alltrac.net

Postby LegacyofDan » Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:37 pm

Upon request of blk90celica-ht i'm creating a how to for adding a signature on alltrac.net

I will not going into description on how to make it look all fancy and cool and stuff.

Step 1

Please aquiant you self with hosting a picture on another website and linking to it via the "Img" button on here. If you dont know how to do such please read through this How To to learn how to do such:

Once you are familiar with all of that, and you have created a fair sized image that will not clutter the screen with your signature, proceed to hosting it, and acquiring a Link/URL to it.

Step 2

Next go to alltrac.net, login, and up at the top you will see:

Note in the Red Box, "Profile". Click on that link. It will open up a screen that will lead you to editing your Profile. Scroll down to:


That is where you will create you Signature in that larger box labeled under "Signature:".

Step 3

Now lets say you just want to have that little picture that you already created be posted in your signature and have it so that if they click on that picture it will direct them to a desired location, ie project thread, photobucket link, your faceboook, i dont know i dont care whereever you so desire so long as the link is not HUGE. I will show you how to do that.

So first off choose a place you want to direct people to, okay your project thread of your car. Fantastic. For the sake of this How To the link with be www.alltrac.net/your_project_thread.

Here is an example using my pic and your link.


Red Boxs: That is your link Declaration, of which declares everything from [ur|=www.alltrac.net/your_project_thread] to [/ur|] be a link to whatever you want to be linked to so long as it does not exceed the 250 character limit, in the diagram's case it would to be your project thread. As you can see.

Blue Box: As you should already be familiar with is the "Img" button and adding a image. If not consult the other how to, http://alltrac.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=34612&highlight=. Make sure that your "Img" declaration is between the ] and [ of the "URL" declaration, otherwise the picture if clicked will not direct you to the desired location.

Once you finished said tasks. Proceed to scrolling down and clicking "Submit". Make sure the total signature text(including declarations and links etc) doesn't exceed 250 characters.

You are done.

Side Notes

While you are in the Profile options, please feel free to add your location, that way if you are ever selling or buying anything on here, it will save time with out people have to ask for location for shipping quotes.

Also include in your signature the whether you own a ST165(1st gen alltrac/GT-Four) ST185(2nd gen alltrac/GT-Four) ST205(3rd gen GT-Four), that way if you ask a question, people can give you accurate responses based on the model of Alltrac/GT-Four you own.

And PLEASE do not make your Signature ridiculously big. You are just an attention whore if you :wink:.

I really did try to make it as brainless as possible. Hopefully this can help out alot of the noobs. Hopefully.
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