How to Change your Greddy TT to red instead of blue

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How to Change your Greddy TT to red instead of blue

Postby l0ch0w » Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:02 am

OK, so in my effort to keep everything either red or white in my car I simply couldnt have my stupid greddy turbo timer be the only blue thing glaring at me whenever it was on. On a side note, i also swapped it into the stock clock location.

I had read up on a few people doing this, but it consisted of removing the SMT LEDs and since I dont have a hot air rework station I thought it sort of stupid to do it that way. So after a while of figuring out what all the pathways and components were for and doing some voltage tests, I found that with two simple jumpers and scratching out two pathways I could flip-flop the colors.

Here is picture of what I did.

By alochow at 2011-09-05

The two larger SMT transistors below the ribbon cable plug are what you need to focus on. The top pin (in the picture) was the area I jumpered.

The first thing is to scratch out the pathways leading to those pins.

The second thing to do is jump the left side transisor to the nearest hole that goes through the board (to the 3 o'clock).

The final thing is to get some magnet wire and jump from the right side transistor pin to the no. 18 pin on the ribbon cable connector. Be careful not to melt the left transistor and its jumper while doing this.

youre done!

Here is a video showing how it works (pardon the crappy cell phone quality)

YouTube Link
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Re: How to Change your Greddy TT to red instead of blue

Postby alltracst185 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:12 pm

Your a f'n genius!!! Great work my friend :)
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