(how to) Replace shift cables on 1990 all-trac

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(how to) Replace shift cables on 1990 all-trac

Postby darkcloud350 » Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:10 am

Combatible cables: 90 to 98 all model celicas. 95 and up are a little longer but you can force them to fit by pushing the extra cable forward.

For my 1990 Celica all-trac I used 1997 Celica St cables straight from the junk yard

First start by pulling the pins from the links on the transmission keep both pins and washers. Then pull the links off the transmission. Next following the cables for about 6 inches you will see C plate clips just use some plyers and pull them up and off. Push the cables till the thin part fits through the open top of the mount on both cables

Now in the car. Remove glove box, remove center console, all of it, remove Ecu, door computer, speed computer. Now unplug the airbad computer. You will see 4 bolts around base of the shifter and 4 more torque bolts around the assembly, remove thematic all.

Pull the pin from the side cable and keep it. And the c clip on the cable under the shifter now remove shifter assembly. Now unbolted the airbags computer and just lift it to see the. C clamp plates like the ones on the transmission. And remove those

Now lay on the passanger side floor and look under where the Ecuador was and you will see a plate with 2 screws one on each side use a baby screw driver to remove those and pull the plate.

Your cables are now free to pull from the inside of the car, get mean with them and pull HARD have another person guide the cables they just pull through the rubber boot on the fire wall.


Now you need to guide the new cables in. This takes 2 people one to push the cables from inside one to pull on the outside and to to guide them in the right direction. One they both are through the wall and in place reverse the steps to finish the job.

I hope this helps this took me 4 hours to complete on mine.
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