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Postby freddie » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:08 am


The engine mounts on my ST165 have definatley passed their used-by date. Now certified crap.

I have been looking around and ready quite a bit on mounts, and especially poly bush type. I can get my engine mounts re-bushed in poly-rubber locally ( as long as I supply the stripped out metal housing) for about $140 to $150 each. I can get after-market rubber ones that range from $140 for the front & rear to $280.00 each for the other 2. Bloody expensive. Especially when I see what you guys pay for them

I've noted the threads on here about engine mounts, especially poly bush type engine mounts and the recommendation for Speedsource engine mounts.

Ok I have have been to their site and looked at bush kits for the ST165. It shows the kit and lists 4 poly bushes and 2 steel sleeves. To me that is only enough for 2 engine mounts, the front and rear.

Please, you guys that have some experience with these mounts, can you tell me, is there another kit for the top tranny end and the cambelt cover end mounts? Or are they all the same poly-bushes and I order 2 kits? Or do I have to source elsewhere engine mounts for the other 2 locations? (12372A) and (12362)

I have emailed Speedsource asking this question, but...... I am not over confident I will get a reply if you get my drift.

Attached is a copy of DIYtoyo showing the mounts for my car.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Postby ZeroDrift » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:23 pm

There are several of us who have poured a liquid urethane into the hollowed out mounts and the results tend to vary. On the bad side, the mounts tend to capture air from the mixing process and that weakens the internal structure enough to allow the mount to sag with time. I've been searching for a proper way to do this and the answer seems to be a vacuum chamber to degas the mix both before and after.

On the other hand I believe you could but urethane discs and have 'em machined to work.

Quick edit: If I decide to make the investment into a vacuum system I can start to service these as a part of my business.
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Postby underscore » Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:47 pm

I don't believe anyone makes poly side mounts because all they do is hold the engine up, they don't take any of the abuse that the front/rear mounts do and thus don't need the same strength.

If you want to keep things inexpensive a guy named Kirk makes poly inserts that fit around your existing front/rear mounts for something like $50 a set.
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