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TFFR Trouble

Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:06 pm

Hey guys. I recently "installed" my Wolfkatz TFFR & ran into a couple of issues.

First things first, I have a ST185 with a 2nd gen jdm 3sgte in it. I have a moderate amount of experience installing things since I read on here for days & my car hasn't seen the inside of a shop for anything. I had previously removed my stock rail/injectors with a bored rail & 550cc's, then realized that it wasn't enough fuel for the rest of my setup, so when I got some money, I bought the Wolfkatz TFFR (straight from Wolfkatz) and some Precision 880cc top feed injectors with the Toyota plug & play clips from KO Racing. I installed everything properly (as far as I know) from what I've done before and reading the instructions from Wolfkatz.

First issue: with the injectors in the rail & the rail bolted up, the injectors don't reach the head. There's probably 1/8" left before they even begin to seat in the head. Anyone else ever have this issue? I figured I could just mod the brackets that hold the rail to the head, but considering this is from Wolfkatz, I assume it's more-likely something I did improperly. How did you guys get the injectors to seat in both the rail and the head? I searched, but couldn't find a write-up of a TFFR install.

Second issue: I can't get the injectors to clip into the harness, even with the Toyota plug & play clips. There's a purple rubber piece in the section where it clips in (injector side), but I can't get it to stay even with that removed. I'm sure this is something simple I'm just being dumb about, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure it out.

So there we have it. That's where I'm at. Any help would be insanely appreciated.
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