T-vis gone bad, engine damaged

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Re: T-vis gone bad, engine damaged

Postby Gert » Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:17 pm

I did not change them myself. My mechanic did that.
Because the head has been rebuild twice, the valve depth is pretty much, leaving little space for shims.
Scored some spare shims at the junk yard last monday, when I picked the nozzles up.
At the machine shop they made the shims fit between the cam and valves.
Unbelievable what difference it is. She fires right up and revolution is much nicer. Boost building up is getting better too.

We agreed to push another 5.000 kms, check valves again and than install the Forge actuator.

On a side note, some squiking noise came from the rear wheel this morning. Inspection showed us that one of the handbrake pads was loose on one end... sigh, always something with old cars. :cry:
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