car will not boost

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Re: car will not boost

Postby Paykoo » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:27 am

i had kinda the same issue with my st185 mine was the turbo ... but was caused by the catalitic converter being cloged
.. any car will make 0 vac when throttle plate is open
if you dont make any pressure at all
i am 100% that its your turbo


if it was boost leak.. you would still make atleast 2psi unless turbo was compleatly disconnected
exhaust leak.. same as above a small lean in the exhaust can lower your back pressure but exhaust still
has to go some ware throu the turbo in that case it will create some kind of boost

some one said broken shaft <<< has happend to me so i would check shaft play again pulling in and out

heres a simple test if you havent got it fixed yet

start the car look into turbo see if its spinning...
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