ST185 Elec speed sensor wire colors

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ST185 Elec speed sensor wire colors

Postby spddm0n » Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:59 pm

Hi all -

I just posted this in the new members forum, but wasn't sure it was the appropriate place for it to be. Re-posting it here. :)

I'm new to the community! I'm working on a 3SGTE swapped ST184. The history of the car is unknown and I'm trying to determine which engine/wiring harness I have (JDM/UDSM/ST165/185/MR2, etc).

The identifier is a connector for the vehicle speed sensor. Wires are Red/Blue, Blue/Black,Blue. All the harnesses my friends have contain wires colors Red/Grey/Black/Brown.

Can anyone help me identify the harness? The weird thing is that the wiring has that clear colored wire to the KNK (knock sensor), so I thought it was a ST165 harness (thought this was the only model to have that), but that model would NOT have an electrical speed sensor.

I was thinking it could be a JDM wiring harness, but wouldn't that have a right hand drive harness and need heavy modification to work? I guess this one does have a pretty hacked up harness and could have been extended.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

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