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GT-Fours For Sale In Japan

PostPosted: Fri Oct 08, 2021 1:49 am
by Roreri
For your entertainment: Just a random search for Celica GT-Fours in Japan. Some pretty tantalizing stuff, if money and logistics is no object. But if you want one, they're there. ... -10101020/

Just a little orientation, in case it's needed. The red number is the price including handling and taxes. Multiply it by 88.5 to get the price in dollars.

Like this 1991 ST185RC in Castrol livery done up like Auriol Didier and Occelli Bernard's Chassis TC-572 which won the 1994 Rallye San Remo in 1994, with 91,908 miles and a modded Gen 3 swap for $21,393: ... 25001.html

ST185RC in Castrol Livery.JPG

Or this 1991 ST185 for 248万円 ($21,948): ... 07001.html

84,456 miles. Pretty nice looking example with 17" Sparco wheels, sunroof, Blitz brand exhaust, the engine compartment pics show changed out hoses, maybe aftermarket leads, a MOMO steering wheel and some kind of big old shift knob, Kenwood aftermarket head unit, some additional Kenwood speakers (because System 10 was not enough!), Blitz turbo timer and blowoff valve.

That same dealer has a 1986 ST165--the only year that had the diff lock!--for $21,948. 52,785 miles: ... 05001.html

OZ 15" wheels, Nardi steering wheel, some kinda aftermarket stereo, looks like it's had some custom upholstery done (?--I'm not the pro from Dover when it comes to ST165 interiors), front tower bar.

Or this pretty damn near stock 1998 ST205 with 15,525 claimed miles for $41,506: ... -10101020/

1998 ST205.JPG

On another site, I found a Super Red 1991 GT Four RC with just shy of 25,000km (15,436 miles) for $35,223: ... D=CS210610

1991 ST185RC.JPG

I have discovered the doorway to madness. LOL

Re: GT-Fours For Sale In Japan

PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2021 12:19 am
by Roreri
That 1991 Super Red isn't listed anymore--coincidence? I prefer to say not! LOL

(But it wasn't me)