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Odds and Ends Specs

Postby sefiroxx » Mon May 13, 2019 8:03 pm

Looking at the future, with an eye on the past. . .

Been working on old cars for awhile now. And for each, there always comes a time, where I spent too much time chasing out of mtg parts, wanting to diy a replacement or upgrade something.

Ultimately, I would need to have a specification that does not exist in the fsm.

That's the problem definition.

The environment :

I'm a geek at heart, and was just in a computer parts store which has a specialty area for 3d printing. I hadn't realized the number of colors available but immediately thought of the number of parts that might be printed. All that plastic is going to get brittle and go, so we probably should stocking up on replacements (parts car) or find an alternate source.

The FSM provides lots of specs on bolts, ports, torq etc, but there is plenty of stuff not described. Ie, what is the length of throttle cable, what size or the stops, what is the thread size of the oil filter, size of the oil filter gasket

The Ask:

I think it would be good idea to collect the specs for the kids and Ends into a single location. We could probably probably put it in the FAQ section somewhere.

This is not intended to be an active discussion of how to diy something, but a description of the part itself. Throttle cable cable diameter, length, barrel stop diameter and length etc

We could put diy info, but I think there is plenty of other forum areas for that, that could link back to these specs. Ultimately, I would like to see filed like STL or VRML files for printers, CNC machines etc.

Idea is to start recording these things now so we have something for the next technology that comes around.

I could see organizing by major areas like body, interior, engine. (Ie. Want to make a support rod for the lower right bumper support, this would be found under body/front bumper, someone might have posted an actual picture, the length, and specs (angles, hole size))

This is not intended to be a place to advertise which vendor might carry the part, but I'm not sure how this would not turn into some sort of diy'r selling extras. (Ie, 3d printing the grill cover for the tweeter in the door would probably result in dozens of interested buyers). I would suggest that these barter discussions remain in the sell/wtb areas of the forum.

Ultimately, for this to work, we would have to remember to take some time and measure something that we took off the car.


I have had my 5th gen since bought new and have joined practically every Toyota, Celica, etc forum over the years. The most active ones (in English) are alltrac.net, a UK forum and one in Australia. Figured this is the largest market of potential data providers so am suggesting alltrac.net lead the way.

Ideas? Thoughts?
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