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Re: Improving the page

Wed Sep 16, 2020 10:13 pm

Using Tapatalk makes it pretty easy to use this site. I truly hope an alternative to FB comes along soon.
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Re: Improving the page

Wed Sep 08, 2021 4:44 pm

Chalk me up as another who prefers the forum to Facebook. I'm not sure there's much to do about the lack of traffic, since so many people are just on facebook anyway and so they prefer to use it. I'm also not sure if there's anything to do about the fragmented nature of the community on Facebook. I'm just recently finding all those groups. It does seem a mess.

I feel like the forum is better for archiving, and for that matter it also is better for more in-depth discussion, long-term builds, etc.

This old phpBB could be better though. I'm not sure if there are decent extensions for phpbb anymore, or if it really just needs converted to a new platform. I also realize this site probably isn't making tons of $ for the owner, and phpbb is free.

Another forum I've been a part of for many years is ShenmueDojo.com (video game). A couple years or so ago they migrated to a new provider using XenForo, which from a brief bit of research looks to have tools for migrating users/posts/etc. from phpBB.

I have no clue who owns or operates this site these days though. I will say, I'm glad it even still exists. But it would be nice if we can find some ways to spruce the place up.

Re: Improving the page

Wed Sep 08, 2021 6:57 pm

I find this forum is easier to use with Tapatalk app. $1 a month and it is ad-free. Some photos don't show up due to hosting but otherwise great. Facebook user interface is a jumbled mess and there is no way to pay to be ad-free. For that reason alone I'll never use it.

Re: Improving the page

Wed Sep 08, 2021 10:48 pm

My ex-wife tried to connect with me on Facebook in 2009. I never went back. I'll be here.
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