Painted rims white.

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Postby 3s_woob » Thu Sep 23, 2004 2:09 am

thanks guys for all the good comments. I was thinking more half and half. personally i think they look nice i kind of like it more than the gunmetal. but i'm still going to experiment! :wink:

turbo4wd wrote:i like it.. in fact i think it looks better. 8)

Thanks, I concur!

AWDios wrote:OT: did you read Griffin's posts about his intake temps with the RC hood? You should really get the FMIC on there.

Yeah that's top on my to do list.

BraveUlysses wrote:Looks good, but I'm still a bit partial to gunmetal.

Enjoy the war against brake dust! 8)

hehe Kris, yeah it's difficult to see them dirty but it's fun cleaning them... because you can see that you're doing a good job! :P

CMS-GT4 wrote:Looks good, but....


yet another on my to do list. seems like the list is never going to end.

ferris wrote:yea, i definitly like the white better, and have always been partial to white, but they are that much harder to keep clean and nice lookin.

Thanks... but white isn't necessarily harder to clean i went throught the first cleaning the day i took these pics which was on monday and wipped off easy... but you just and to make sure you clean the whole rim! which makes it harder because you have to inspect the rims thoroughly.

Griffin wrote:WOW! That looks incredible with the red body! That was an awsome choice!

And yeah - you really need to get that FMIC in there asap

Thanks... it's funny my friend is said that white doesn't look good in with red... but i think it does... but hey that's what his opinion is.

and indeed will get the FMIC on soon.... though i've been saying that for oh about 2 years now. :shrug:

Gary wrote:Ryan, pictures are dead. :shoots: geocities
Try It's free.

sorry yeah you know geocities... will i'll check out imageshack... i would just upload them in the gallary but it doesn't seem to work for me. :doh:

Maloy wrote:I like the white rims a lot, just be sure to keep them clean and get some wheel spacers!

yeah will do... you can help me clean them on our meet next week! :lol: j/k

Gary wrote:Woo hoo I can see them now. That looks superb!!
5 spokes and white, that's my favorite. :)

hmmmm... i wonder why! :shrug: :wink:

Austen_gt4 wrote:nice. what did they run u to get them painted?

it ran me $7 for Dupli-color wheel paint. and 4-5hrs of labor from start to finish. maybe when i paint them again i'll do a write up.

RedCelicaTRD wrote:Those look sweet! I like the white and now I might have to copy you....

hehe i like the white too... but you know i'm sure not the first to have white GTS rims... or am i :D if you need help on how to do it... then let me know.

XoDuzZ wrote:I have NEVER liked the white rim look - and your car, my friend, (along w/ an alltrac for sale that had white rims on it) have nice looking rims on that car!

Thanks, will you be at the meet next week?

Zeus wrote:I cringed at the thought... but those look pretty sweet man!

Thanks Blake haven't hear from you in a while what have you been up to?

RIalltrac wrote:other than the fact that brake dust is going to suck, they actually look pretty sweet.

Yeah i though so too, but it wasn't too bad.
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Postby RedCelicaTRD » Thu Sep 23, 2004 10:20 am

Painting wheels is way easy. I dont understand why more all-trac people arnt doing it. Maybe its because our stock wheels are butt ass ugly and not even paint can save them.
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Postby Gary » Thu Sep 23, 2004 1:14 pm

RedCelicaTRD wrote:Maybe its because our stock wheels are butt ass ugly and not even paint can save them.

That's the reason! :)
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Postby 3s_woob » Sat Sep 25, 2004 4:45 am

well the stock flowers aren't that bad... i think if you gunmetal them i think i'll look much better than how they are stock.
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