what u guys think about this 92 alltrac

what u guys think about this 92 alltrac

Postby salutmecos » Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:50 pm

what u think about this black usdm 1992 celica alltrac (imported to canada) with jdm motor and tranny with +- 120 000km.chassis 200 000km leather interior and the driver seat is still in good condittion ,

brand new performance clutch, jdm rc edition front bumper and lights, front mount intercooler, blitz blow off valve, aftermarket coilsprings on the stock Shock Absorbers , rear spacers, lot more that i dont remember

after inspection i found 2 rear bushing need to be change, rear right Shock Absorbers is dead (maybe because of the drop ???) and a rust hole at the frame rail starting at the stabilizer bar and about 6 inch long,

car was 8000k $can obo , after inspection 7k without 17¨ wheels, this is too much !!!! what u guys think ? sry for my bad english !!
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Postby 91GT4RCboy » Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:49 am

c'est un bon char avec beaucoup des modifications peformance, mais 7k est une peu plus grand a mon avis. Mon 1991 GT4RC etait 8k d'un importer, aussi c'etait stock (plus bon pour les chars JDM IMHO). Les problems avec le char sont pas trop mauvais, donc peut etre 5-6k est une peu plus raisonable. Desole pour mon mauvais francais :smokes:
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