1991 "Turbo 4WD" Ottawa

1991 "Turbo 4WD" Ottawa

Postby vash169 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 3:43 pm

Still for sale from last year! Price is now 3000 (Canadian). As much as I'd like to turn it into a rally car, and I probably will anyway come the winter, I really don't have anywhere to keep this bad boy. Starts and runs, although the battery is completely dead and might need replacing. I'm willing to work out some way to deliver this if necessary for those living in Montreal or Toronto (or anywhere within that approximate distance).

Pics available at http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles ... Z172263444 but I'll try to get a few more to post up here.

The Great Stuff:
-Stage 2 Bully Clutch and XTD Flywheel. Hasn't even been fully broken in yet.
-Speedsource Stainless Steel Clutch Line
-MSD Ignition Coil.
-3" Exhaust from the turbo all the way back. A catalytic converter has been added to the midpipe to pass emissions.
-"Cool White" LED gauge backlights.
-JDM CT26 turbo with less than 70,000KM on it.
-ASI Aluminum Radiator
-Polyurethane Engine Mounts and Aluminum Crossbar Bushings

The Good Stuff
-Summer rims are from a 2000+ Celica GT.
-Engine was fully rebuilt about 4 years ago by a specialist in California.
-Full re-gasket last summer. New timing belt, tensioner, bearing and water pump.
-Fuel system engine-side is totally refreshed. I replaced the regulator, all the o-rings, and sent the injectors to be professionally cleaned. New fuel filter too.
-New passenger side front axle.
-GT-Four rear badge and side decals.
-Gas tank was pulled and re-welded, resealed due to minor leaks.
-Spare tire is a full-size replacement instead of a donut.
-Heating system blasts like a furnace.

The Bad Stuff
-CD Player is broken. It's the stock deck, I expect you'd want to install something better anyway.
-Power Steering broke down one day and I haven't done any troubleshooting on it yet. You can fill up the reservoir, but when you turn the car on all the fluid quickly finds it's way to the ground. It's actually pretty easy to drive without it, until you have to do a 3 point turn!
-The summer tires on there are totally cooked. I got some Yokohamas to put on there until something better could be acquired but I didn't get the chance to put them on. They're included, of course.
-Previous owner decided to hide a bunch of rust from me. I've been undercoating and welding up new metal, but there are some bad spots that need tending to.
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