1988 Alltrac $7500 for Sale super quick and great condition

1988 Alltrac $7500 for Sale super quick and great condition

Postby Sagava » Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:20 pm

This 4 wheel drive turbo Celica has had just about everything you can think about already done to it.
This car is a local Victoria car since new.

-Car has been dyno'd and produced 215 wheel horsepower and 230 ftlbs of torque.

-Car body had 185,000km on it, we swapped a 91 Japanese Celica alltrac engine. This engine came with about 60,000km on it. Since the install I have put 14000km on the new engine and to this day it has never burned a drop of oil or leaked any.

-The new engine is being run by an after market Haltech Sport 1000 ECU which is considered to be one of the best ECUs on the market.

-RacePak IQ3 digital display dash (in picture) Basically this dash makes it possible to be able to fully monitor your car performance at all times.

-The car as new high performance brakes/rotors. The calipers had all been re-built.

-The car comes with a monster air to water intercooler that is rated for 500HP. We have a new high flow pump and two heat exchangers connected to the car.

-We have 3" stainless steel used for the exhaust on this car. It is a 3" down pipe and goes all the way to the muffler. This car sounds hot!

Misc parts
-new rear sub-frame
-all 4 new axles
-new ball joints
-all new belts
-all new hoses
-all new fluids
-new steering rack and lines
-stainless steel intake air K filter
-outer tie rod ends
-new wheel bearings
-blow off valve
-exedy stage 2 cerametallic racing clutch (14000kn only!!!!)
-new battery (battery relocated to trunk of car in stainless steel enclosure.)
-new engine mounts
-boost solenoid
-All new stereo

This car has been nothing, but great to me. I love the car and have spent hundreds of hours and over $20,000.00 on it. I can show receipts for all parts. I am only selling this car because I'm looking to get a SUV for my new job. This is a dream car to drive and everyone loves it. Please feel free to e-mail me or call.

Pictures at:

http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified- ... c_15777124
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