FREE: Used 185 Faux CF Hood/Headlight/Bumper Trim

FREE: Used 185 Faux CF Hood/Headlight/Bumper Trim

Postby Corey » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:25 pm


I was lucky to be able to source brand new Faux CF trim pieces for the front of my car via Amayama. If anyone is interested in my original 1989 pieces let me know and I'll box them up and I can post up some photos. Just pay for shipping.

The reason I replaced them is because on my latest road trip, the front hood trim got smoked by a rock and cracked it. Really a shame too because its the piece that says CELICA on it. The only replacement I could find was the blank trim piece that came on the later cars. Maybe a glass shop can fill the crack and restore it? :shrug:

As for the headlight trim pieces, I replaced those because the rubber gasket is showing its age and when the lights are popped up, I can see a bit of a gap between the trim and the headlight cover, otherwise they are in good shape with no cracks.

The long center trim piece under the hood lip has a crack running about 8" along the front edge that is visible when looking straight on while crouching.


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