ST185 to ST185RC intercooler swap?

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Re: ST185 to ST185RC intercooler swap?

Postby Maram » Thu May 03, 2018 12:40 pm

EvilStig wrote:
Maram wrote:
The core fits almost perfect, i just needed a little bracket on the right side, on the left i fits without any mods (seen from the front of the car).

But to connect the cooler to the intake manifold you will need to make an adapterplate, because the 185 has a 2,5'' intake and the 205 is 3''.

Try these links:

Is it just the two bolts holding up your heat exchanger?

what's with the stubby hose segment on the core to the right of the intake hose?

Also where did you get the metal throttle body inlet flange?

Yes, just the two bolts on top and two brackets on the underside of the HE.

Thats for the standard blow off valve that the st205 have, i just blocked it off.

I made the throttle body inlet my self. I know BRD makes them for you if you dont wanna make one yourself. :)
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ST185 to ST185RC intercooler swap?

Postby tHeGeeK » Mon May 07, 2018 6:10 pm

If anyone cares I have my old pump and h/e from my RC. There yours if you want. PM me an offer.
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