2nd gen 3s TVIS delete power band timing/fueling

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Re: 2nd gen 3s TVIS delete power band timing/fueling

Postby abeans » Mon Nov 08, 2021 10:21 pm

Swapped in a working lower intake went for a drive today. It is way easier than I expected to remove and install.

The driveability is still pretty mediocre at best improvement. :(

Some other issues going on. Exhaust can backfire sometimes. Random surging, which comes and goes seemed like it went away with unplugged the idle air control and plugging back in seemed to clear it...

It's like building a car from scratch using 30 year old parts :owned:
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Re: 2nd gen 3s TVIS delete power band timing/fueling

Postby Gert » Thu Nov 11, 2021 9:14 am

Back in the days, I made an comparisation between T-vis open or close. My car is equipped with an Autronic.


As you can see, keeping the T-vis is helping low torque a lot.
Yellow line is T-vis closed all the time.
Purple is open all the time.
Blue is close and open.

In acceleration time during wot:


Blue = closed.
Purple = open
Yellow = closed and open.

For me reason to keep the T-vis.

Down side is, that years later, due to mechanic T-vis malfunction, the butterflies destroyed my head and turbo.... sigh.
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