Going with Aussie full system soon and need help?

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Postby RIalltrac » Tue Oct 05, 2004 7:00 pm

I've noticed that I get a ton or rattle from the heat shield thats goes around the muffler. I kept it there because of the gas tank, not sure if it matters enough. I'd rather not take chances like that though
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Postby silverarrow » Wed Oct 06, 2004 4:45 pm

BraveUlysses wrote:
silverarrow wrote:When I had the aussie mp and catback I didn't need to knock a dent at all. Fits perfectly like stock.

Thats funny because the catback I bought from you rattles like crazy. I need to go bang it around a bunch I think.

That's crazy :shrug: , didn't on mine. It was like stock when I installed it.
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best advice

Postby tim » Wed Oct 06, 2004 7:51 pm

Be sure to tighten everything slowly... meaning do no tighten one part of the exhaust completly, then move on to the next.

you want to slowly tighten each section of the exhaust (dp to front, front to mid, etc..) to be sure that you don't get rubbing on the cross member.

Other than that, it's completly bolt on, and shouldn't take you too long to accomplish, especially if you have a lift or another person handy..

This is the best advice out there....install everything loosely and tighten everything up bit by bit. If you can use small wooden shims to set your clearance, Dennis Heath found that method to work the best.

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Postby TraviST185 » Wed Oct 06, 2004 10:31 pm

Tim you have mail!
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