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Camshaft life line

Mon May 07, 2012 9:09 pm

Similar to Mafix's thread about the intercoolers, what are the best/worst cams and what are considered decent upgrades? I've heard of people using ST162 cams and the like, but I have no clue as to the specs or limits of any of them.

This post will be updated as information is provided.

Edit: From viewtopic.php?f=20&t=14440

Physical Compatibility1g 3SGE I1g 3SGE E2g 3SGE E2g 3SGE E3g 3SGE I3g 3SGE E3g 3SGTE I3g 3SGTE E

Gen 1 can use: Gen 1 3SGE
Gen 2 can use: Gen 2 3SGE, Gen 3 3SGE intake only, Gen 3 3SGTE intake only.

*Gen 3 uses shim under bucket- I do not know whether this means you may want to convert to shim under bucket or do a complete shimless conversion to be safe from flying shims?

IntakeDegLift (mm)Timing
Gen 1 3SGE2407.25/55
Gen 1 3SGTE2327.154/48
Gen 2 3SGE2448.57/57
Gen 2 3SGTE2368.28/48
Gen 3 3SGE A/T2408.77/53
Gen 3 3SGE M/T2529.87/65
Gen 3 3SGTE2408.77/53

ExhaustDegLift (mm)Timing
Gen 1 3SGE2407.255/5
Gen 1 3SGTE2327.1548/4
Gen 2 3SGE2448.557/7
Gen 2 3SGTE2368.256/0
Gen 3 3SGE A/T2408.253/7
Gen 3 3SGE M/T2408.253/7
Gen 3 3SGTE2368.250/6

Gen 1 3SGE
In: 240deg, 7.2mm lift (timing 5/55)
Ex: 240deg, 7.2mm lift (timing 55/5)

Gen 1 3SGTE
In: 232deg, 7.15mm lift (timing 4/48)
Ex: 232deg, 7.15mm lift (timing 48/4)

Gen 2 3SGE
In: 244deg, 8.5mm lift (timing 7/57)
Ex: 244deg, 8.5mm lift (timing 57/7)

Gen 2 3SGTE
In: 236deg, 8.2mm lift (timing 8/48)
Ex: 236deg, 8.2mm lift (timing 56/0)

Gen 3 3SGE A/T
In: 240deg, 8.7mm lift (timing 7/53)
Ex: 240deg, 8.2mm lift (timing 53/7)

Gen 3 3SGE M/T
In: 252deg, 9.8mm lift (timing 7/65)
Ex: 240deg, 8.2mm lift (timing 53/7)

Gen 3 3SGTE
In: 240deg, 8.7mm lift (timing 7/53)
Ex: 236deg, 8.2mm lift (timing 50/6)
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Re: Camshaft life line

Thu May 10, 2012 4:41 pm

I think people are using st182 cams that came out of 2nd gen 3sge engines. The US never got that engine. N.A. only got the gen1 3sge and those cams will not work in a 2nd gen. Look for 3rd gen 3sgte cams as they seem to be the best upgrade for the 2nd gen. Look at the 3sge cam install thread in the FAQ/ARCHIVE section as someone posted all the cam profiles in there. I was trying to find the 3sge cams on ebay uk but had no luck so I gave up lol.

Re: Camshaft life line

Thu May 10, 2012 6:30 pm

I can't seem to find that cam install thread atm, I'll have to search for it later. We need a member from afar who wants to make some extra money by selling is North Americans parts we can't get on our own at the wreckers.

edit: found it, I'll update this thread later.

Re: Camshaft life line

Thu May 10, 2012 8:11 pm

Updated first post with OEM cam specs.

Re: Camshaft life line

Thu May 10, 2012 10:54 pm

Why can't you use the gen 3 exhaust on gen two? Confused, cause i am.

Re: Camshaft life line

Thu May 10, 2012 11:20 pm

No clue, although I'm sure someone knows exactly why.

Re: Camshaft life line

Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:49 pm

Found this info & will add it later. If anyone has info on the HKS or other cams, please post it.

Specs from CatCam:

Valve clearance: IN .15mm / EX .15mm (cold: IN .10-.05 EX .05-.00)
Cam lift: IN 9.00mm / EX 9.00mm
Rocker arm ratio: IN 1.00 / EX 1.00
Valve lift: IN 9.00mm / EX 9.00mm
Duration @ 0.1mm: IN 256* / EX 256*
duration @ 1.0mm: IN 230* / EX 230*
peak diff: maxlift @: IN 105* ATDC / EX 105* BTDC

Valve lift at TDC w/o clearance: IN 2.20mm / EX 2.20mm
1. W/o clearence at: IN .25mm valve lift / EX .25mm valve lift
Valve opens: IN 23* BTDC / EX 53* BBDC
Valve closes: IN 53* ABDC / EX 23* ATDC
2. W/o clearence at: IN 1.5mm valve lift / EX 1.5mm valve lift
Valve opens: IN 10* BTDC / EX 40* BBDC
Valve closes: IN 40* ABDC / EX 10* ATDC

In comparison, here is the only posted spec of the hks 256* cam from NoShoes' cam sticky:

HKS 256 cams:

Duration @ 1mm lift: 216 degrees

Max lift: 9.0

So given that lift is constant at 9mm, the lobes on the catcams are slightly "fatter" in that it holds a longer duration holding a higher valve lift for slightly longer.

Re: Camshaft life line

Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:05 am

a rumor I've heard (from a fairly reputable source) is that the 3sge cams differ from usdm to jdm. and that only one generation of the jdm 3sge makes a decent gain.
can anyone verify this?

honestly I don't see the point of swapping in 3sge cams? theres not enough gain in power to justify seeking them out and doing the work. I personally just turned to the aftermarket.

Re: Camshaft life line

Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:10 pm

Well only Gen I of the 3SGE was offered over here unless I'm mistaken. The reasoning as to why people might do it will vary, I wouldn't spend a lot of time and money hunting down Gen II 3SGE cams, but if someone has easy access to a set, and they're already doing head work, why not get some small gains?

Re: Camshaft life line

Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:26 pm

You can use both gen 3 cams on a gen 2 without a problem.
Gen 3 cams are a good upgrade for gen 2


Re: Camshaft life line

Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:07 am

klue wrote:You can use both gen 3 cams on a gen 2 without a problem.
Gen 3 cams are a good upgrade for gen 2


This is correct. It was a long time ago I got all that info together. You can use all gen 3 cams on gen 2 however you will have trouble finding 2nd or 3rd gen 3sge cams in the US. Also not all the exhaust cams have a distributor notch so they cannot be used for an intake cam. The A/T 3sge cams are not really worth it over the gen 2 3sge cams.

You can use the gen 2 shim over bucket with them. However..... you are supposed to use new shims with a new cam since the shims spin and the cams create their own wear pattern onto the shim surface. If you need a whole set of brand new shims (I never bothered personally) you might as well go shimless bucket instead and enjoy the security of knowing you wont be spitting shims.

Re: Camshaft life line

Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:31 am

On the gen four(might be wrong) you UN-bolt the sensor pick up and the notch was in the cam already...been a while

Re: Camshaft life line

Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:02 am

So holy thread revival..... My friend has a 2gen 3sgte in his turbo mr2, he bought a set of 3rd gen 3sge cams from a local Toyota engine importer to use in his 3sgte. The exhaust cam fit perfect, but the intake cam was hitting part of the head right on the side of the bucket area. It was also pushing the valves so far open that it would make it an interference engine. What is wrong with this setup?
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Re: Camshaft life line

Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:03 am


Re: Camshaft life line

Fri Oct 07, 2016 12:40 am

Quick question guys but what does the timing refer to?
what is 7/53 mean? im assuming its degrees relative to TDC but not sure.

reason i ask is i would like to degree my stock cams to see how much head gasket thickness has changed the timing and if its worth me changing to adjustable gears to get it back to OEM timing.

Intake Deg Lift (mm) Timing
Gen 3 3SGTE 240 8.7 7/53

Exhaust Deg Lift (mm) Timing
Gen 3 3SGTE 236 8.2 50/6
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