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Re: Camshaft life line

Postby Alikazam » Sun Apr 18, 2021 9:38 pm

aus jd 2703 wrote:Quick question guys but what does the timing refer to?
what is 7/53 mean? im assuming its degrees relative to TDC but not sure.

reason i ask is i would like to degree my stock cams to see how much head gasket thickness has changed the timing and if its worth me changing to adjustable gears to get it back to OEM timing.

Intake Deg Lift (mm) Timing
Gen 3 3SGTE 240 8.7 7/53

Exhaust Deg Lift (mm) Timing
Gen 3 3SGTE 236 8.2 50/6

In case anyone else has the same question the degree numbers should indicate when the valves starts opening and then closing. You would need to put a degree wheel on the crank shaft with a pointer set at zero at tdc to measure this with a dial indicator on the valve to see when it starts moving, etc. It's called degreeing in the cams. Adjustable cam gears are for dialing that in when stock gears don't give correct open and close degrees.
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