Help: Valve Over Lap

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Help: Valve Over Lap

Postby purplecelicaGt4 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:56 pm

I am trying something here...
Im running a 304 Intake cam with 8.5 lift
288 exhaust cam with 8.5 lift

Intake Cam:
Open BTDC - 22.5 deg
Closed ABDC - 62.5 deg
Cam top center 110 deg
Degrees 265 deg

Exhaust Cam:
Open BBDC - 54 deg
Closed ATDC - 14 deg
Cam top center 110 deg
Degrees 248 deg

Cam has an Overlap of 36.50 degrees and has in Intake Duration of 265.00 degrees.
The Exhaust Duration is 248.00 degrees.
The Inlet Cam has an Installed Centerline of 110.00 degrees ATDC.
The exhaust cam has an Installed Centerline of 110.00 degrees BTDC.

Here the car would be slow till 5000rpm and then it would boost well..
I adjusted only the exhaust cam gear and now i cant seem to get maximum boost.. Seems like its all escaping through the exhaust...
Car feels more lively on the bottom end tho..

Any tips? Can any one reverse engineer these cams to reduce overlap???
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