3" DP on stock exhaust?

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Re: 3" DP on stock exhaust?

Postby Rallly » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:37 pm

tw2 wrote:
4rsnduction wrote:A cheap $100 ebay downpipe in 3inch size will fit your stock 2.75inch system no worries, i did exactly the same thing in 2009.
Had the motor rebuilt and put on a 3inch dump pipe but couldn't afford the rest of the exhaust.
The engine builder broke out the digital micrometer and measured the inside diameter of the stock exhaust system and the downpipe.
The bolt holes all mated up perfectly to the stock exhaust system, with the use of liquid gasket there was a perfect seal so no exhaust leaks.

It seems they are not all created equal. Did you have wastegate troubles?

To the OP, it is a quick and easy job to grind the downpipe to get rid of the sticking wastegate trouble if you get an ebay pipe.

where did you grind?
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