HDI EBC-R boost controller overview

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HDI EBC-R boost controller overview

Postby warracer » Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:25 am

Alright , so I got a package from the ups man :)

My HDI EBC-R electronic boost controller.
Here's a quick overview

I already unboxed it but I put all the stuff back in for a quick picture...


Packaging is nice, simple.

Here's what you get with it:

The HDI unit itself.
The boost solenoid
A bracket to hold down the solenoid (*note of the screw that came with the kit was not threaded properly so I had to use one of mine)
Different fitting
Wiring harness (its only a + - wire really...)
Some vacuum hose, fire retardant looks and feel good quality
A boost Tee

So the unit itself:

Feels really good, extremely small and compact.
All aluminium case , machined heat-sink fins on the side
Aluminium adjustment knob

And to adjust the boost, you simply have to press down the knob.

Its probably the most basic electronic boost controller,boost levels goes from 1psi to 30psi, so it has one function: set boost level
Does it do his job properly? I can't say for now, I will be installing the unit very soon in my car and I will be posting a review of the device...

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