Quick question about the ct series.

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Quick question about the ct series.

Postby gtfourmansd » Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:42 am

So I am looking at my options for a bolt on turbo while i plan to save for a kit so of course this takes me to the supra ct 26 besides the normal 46 and 50 trims or the 60-1 has anyone here tried the MHI converted ones? I have a turbo re-builder that i have used before and i asked them about it supposedly they could do an 18g wheel or larger even going as far as to have the back of any MHI wheel machined flat to work with the ct26. That is for the 6.5mm shaft bore which i am assuming is the supra ct26. They also said they could do the 5.7mm shaft bored turbo and put a billet 46x55 wheel in it and that one i think is the ct20b? Anyway i am wondering if i should try it out depending on the cost of that verses buying an already done 47 or 50 trim. I dont mind but i wanted to see if anyone here tried it since it was mentioned in the turbo faq.
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Re: Quick question about the ct series.

Postby built2run » Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:31 pm

I have a gen2 ct26 with a 46 trim compressor and it feels better than the third gen ct26 (known as ct20b) but it's still not in the ranks of other aftermarket turbos, it is really up to how you what the car to feel and weather or not you want to look stock
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