Help with EBC configuration, CEL on after install

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Help with EBC configuration, CEL on after install

Postby 1337computing » Thu May 22, 2014 12:05 am

I just installed my new Berk DP on Sunday along with the Two's R Us FCD and a Electronic Boost Controller. I don't drive it every day but been driving on and off since then. The initial problem I am having is I am boosting past my set PSI. I have my low boost set to 12 PSI and I am hitting 14, and I have my high boost set to 15 PSI and I'm hitting 17. I have my waste gate set to open at 7 PSI. I have my gain set for low boost at 60% and high boost 50%. I tried playing with the gain setting on high boost but keep hitting fuel cut at 17 PSI. I didn't have time to play with the low boost yet which I should of started with. Does this sound like a reasonable setup and why could I be over boosting?

On my way home tonight my CEL came on. Checked I am throwing 25, 26, 34. 25 and 26 are Rich Lean Codes. 34 is excessive turbo pressure. When I was changing my DP I noticed on of the wires out of the O2 sensor connector could be pulled right out. I pushed it backed in and it seemed to lock into place. This could be pulled out slightly causing the rich lean codes I'm going to check tomorrow. As for the 34 since I'm setting higher boost will this also be thrown?

Thanks ahead of time to any responses, much appreciated.
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Re: Help with EBC configuration, CEL on after install

Postby Pipedreams » Fri May 23, 2014 3:14 pm

Is it possible to set the duty on the EBC? Gain is used to adjust how it comes onto boost. If Gain is to high it will give a boost spike when boost comes on. But it's duty that sets the overall boost pressure.
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