st-165 ecu/fuel injector top out/build Q's

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st-165 ecu/fuel injector top out/build Q's

Postby Shafer777 » Fri Oct 03, 2014 4:38 am

i have an 88 st-165 with a 2nd gen s3 from a mr2, i have a block and head, and depending on what injectors i can run on the stock ecu decides on what all parts and turbo i will get for it. im just wondering what hp ratings/cc is max before i get into tuning issues with the stock ecu. would mkiv supra 550's be good for 500 crank hp? or 4th gen 530's?

I was planning on 86.5mm 9.0:1 wiseco pistons
trying out xc racings h beam rods
porting the head with stock valves and cams
BC high rev springs/ TI retainers
arp studs everywhere theres studs

note the tranny has all billet gears, CF syncros, the axles are over size, and the rear dif is a locker now, basically the chassis is ready for whatever i put in it power wise lol.

[i do not have any specific power goals, just trying to build it to the max without swapping an ecu] or whatever BS you gotta do when you start giving it too much fuel. also, im trying to find a t4 turbo w/internal WG off a diesel pickup, like a gm 6.5 or power stroke diesel turbo, something that will last long, is that a stupid idea? or will it take too much fuel and rpms from my 2.0 to get one of those to spool? (looking for a 3-4 grand spool). its either a used one of those or an ebay a/r .63 (not lookin to go that route since they're cheap), not trying to spend alot on a turbo considering the 16g ct26 i had for it got stolen. since the motor is out n the exhaust of the ct26 is the restrictive part (and no modifications are made for that), its time to upgrade to somethin! any help/advice is appriciated! thanks y'all!
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Re: st-165 ecu/fuel injector top out/build Q's

Postby Mafix » Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:44 pm

those parts will not get you 500hp on any reasonable amount of boost
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