HG and ARP part #'s for 165

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HG and ARP part #'s for 165

Postby Alter Ego » Thu Sep 02, 2004 10:20 pm

Already payed a member on here for a head so that should be onit's way soon. Just ordered a headgasket set, Timing belt kit, and a oil pan gasket just in case it needs that.

I still need to get Head studs and was wanting to do a metal headgasket. Anyone know the part #'s that I need to get for my car for these two things so that I know I'm getting the right stuff? Also, any other things that you all would recommend me doing while I'm in there. I'll be having the head gone over and milled down some so I'll need to get the appropriate hg to make up the difference.

Just reposted this in a new thread since I don't think anyone was catching it at the bottom of the other thread. Couldn't find anyone saying why not to get a aftermarket over a Toyota one. Posted this up really quick and some pasted so please excuse if I repeat something. :twisted:

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