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If you are a Trader or Commercial Entity you MUST become a site sponsor to sell products on our site. This INCLUDES if you plan to use the forum on a regular basis to sell parts from your home!

When making a FS post, please include the following:

Item Condition:
Extra Info:
Preferred Contact Method:

1. You may only sell 1 of each item, no multiples such as "10" of a particular item, unless it is from your personal all trac.
2. FS threads need to be clear and to the point.
3. No "testing waters" threads. You're either selling it or you're not.
4. No price = no thread (no OBO threads unless a price is also included)
5. No third-party for sale threads.
6. Do not bump threads more than once a day. Do not bump threads you did not start. Bumps will be edited at the moderators discretion.
7. If you make any negative comments about the price a person is asking for their parts, your post will be edited/deleted.
8. If you post any negative comments about a person or their parts, your post will be edited/deleted. If you have evidence that this person should not be selling parts on the board, please PM a moderator.
9. Please do not make a low ball offer on a part. It will be considered a low ball offer if you offer less than 90% of the asking price. If you post a low ball offer of any kind your post will be edited/deleted. If you feel your offer might have a chance, submit it through PMs.
10. Do not spam your parts for trade in other people's threads unless they specifically asked for that type of part. Use PM for this type of activity.
11. If you are going to use this site, take the time to create a proper for-sale thread. Do not just paste a link to another webpage such as ebay or copy and paste from another ad. If you do this your thread will be deleted. If you want to post to an eBay link, please use the For Sale Watch forum that is provided.
12. Please do not make your original FS post one big run on sentence. Use the basic format outlined in #1. Otherwise we will conclude you are not serious about selling your car/parts and lock your thread.
13. Do not repost items in more then one thread.
14. Once your item is sold, please edit your topic title to state that it has been sold. This makes it easier for people to avoid wasting time, and also helps to ensure that you don't get PM's or email months later with offers.
15. is not responsible for any interactions on the site.
16. No vendor sales are allowed. To become a vendor, and receive your own vendor forum on, please contact the admin (pwadm)

The sale forums are here as a courtesy to users. Please follow these rules or you will force us to take action against your posts / threads.

Personal Sales Posting

We allow individuals to post Celica/MR2/Corolla specific items for sale on You may only post these items in the appropriate forums. you may list other types of cars if you are a contributing member of the community (posting in other areas of the forum). If the administrators notice that you are receiving bad feedback, or are getting bad feedback in the Buyers and Sellers Forum, we will restrict you from selling any items until you clear up any past due items.
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