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Group Buy Rules

Postby pwadm » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:22 pm

Please read the rules before starting or joining a Group Buy:

1) The member in charge of the Group Buy must be a SENIOR member(s) of the forum. Senior Members are those members who have 500 posts or more or members who have been registered for longer than two years. Permission must be sought from the Administrator/Moderator team if members without these prerequisites are considering leading a Group Buy.

2) Vendors may post Group Buys in their own forum sections, of if they prefer, in the regular Group Buy forum.

3) The Group Buy organiser should research the product(s) thoroughly and determine if it is the best deal possible for other members.

4) Once members have joined a Group Buy deposits should be paid to the Member or Vendor leading the Group Buy ASAP.

5) After a certain time period specified by the Member or Vendor leading the Group Buy, deposits are to be Non-Refundable, to speed up the Group Buy so that members who have paid their balances receive the goods in a timely manner. This is mainly to prevent members exiting the Group Buy at the last minute and jeopardizing the process for other members who have already paid.

*NOTE*, and the Administration and Moderator Team will NOT be held responsible for any adverse outcome of a Group Buy and all members participate in such activities at their own risk!

We hope that this helps to speed up Group buys and help the forum and its members get a better deal!
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