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Sat Aug 28, 2004 4:23 am

Here's the mail i got from Jim about his crazy wheels i love so much:

Hi, Roo,

No problem. I've got 17 inch rims all around. The front rims measure 81/2 inches w/ a 35mm offset. I used 215-40 x 17 inch tires w/ no rubbing problem at all. I'm not using any spacers for the front.

The rear is using 10 inch rims w/ a 30mm offset. I'm using 235-40 x 17 tires on these. (I REALLY SHOULD BE USING 245-35X17 because of rolling radius issues and the fact that different rolling radiuses front and rear are bad for our drivetrain's health).

Now, in order for these to fit in the back without the inner rim rubbing against the strut, I installed a set of 25mm H&R hub adaptors (DRM). After that I tried peeking underneath to see how much clearance I had between the inner rim and the strut and it looked like i had about 1/2 inch clearance. But i have no clearance problems. The rear rim sticks out just a little too much for my liking. I think if I change my spacers to 3/4 instead of 1 inch it will be perfect. As far the front is concerned, it's perfect.

Now if you're going to install the super wide body kit (SAVAGE?) then you'd probably need 1 inch spacers for the front and 21/2 inch for the rear.

Keep in mind though Roo that my car is not lowered. I plan to lower it soon. I suspect i will have some fender lip clearance problems but a fender lip roller should fix that.

Some folks want to protect their rims from getting scratched or scraped so they order fatter tires. I prefer the opposite which is to expose the edge of the rim a little bit. That's why my tire sizes are conservative.

If i were to do it all over again, I would order the same configuration for the front (81/2 x17 w/ 35mm offset) but for the rear i would order 17 x 10 but w/ the 20mm offset. I had this option w/ my rims but they were not available at the time i ordered.

I think with this setup you won't need the rear spacers to clear the rear struts.

HTH... Email me anytime Roo. I'd be more than happy to give you whatever info i have.


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