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Help with potential wheel numbers

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 8:01 pm
by StranD
Hey all,

I have an opportunity to buy some Zensho SS-6 wheels to put on my 92 AllTrac but I need people to double check my numbers and come to the same conclusion I have... the inside clearance might be an issue.

I'm running stock height (currently), stock shoes right now. These new wheels are 17x7.5 + 38. Now, if my calculations are right, compared to the stock (15x6.5+39), I'm going to be running an extra 14mm to the outside and lose 12mm clearance on the inside.

The numbers come to about 55.75 to the outside, 131.75 to the inside. Based on this thread
it looks like the inside clearance on the back might be an issue ("most we've seen on the back is 130mm").

Can somebody verify this or have I fuggered up the numbers and it shouldn't really be a problem. I have no experience with "wheel math" and wouldn't mind hearing some opinions. Keep in mind, my suspension is old and weary but holding up fine so far. It'll be the next to be upgraded.


PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 8:42 pm
by alltracman78
If they're that close, get some spacers...

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 9:46 pm
by StranD
But rumour has it... or at least a previous thread... that spacers aren't that great of an idea because the put extra stress on the hub... true or not true?


PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 5:32 pm
by roo
you'll have 11.5mm more rim on the outside, 13.5mm more on the inside...

The wheel will be 131.75mm on the inside....i'de worry about rubbing on the inside if the wheels camber any. Ideally you want a lower offset with these, something around 28 or so you'de need half inch hub adapters...

Honestly, as I've said many times before, ordering wheels knowing that you plan on using spacers is not the way to go....

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2004 1:33 am
by silverarrow
Kinda confused Jay, so you're saying it's better to buy the correct offsets for front and for rear instead of just using spacers in the rear w/ a higher offset rim?