So back to the Super Strut Discussion

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So back to the Super Strut Discussion

Postby SuperWhite92 » Wed Aug 18, 2004 5:37 am

So, Toyota's Super Strut design on these cars that supposedly has linkage and such setup to help eliminate camber loss while turning, right?

So I wonder how effective Is it?

The rally teams had problems with breakage in these cars due to the super strut layout, so something must be severely different than the basic mcpherson they converted to.

I don't know if there is any way to measure this, if there is, I'd like to try.

Also, Does anyone know of a Diagram that presents how this suspension setup works?

This is bugging the heck out of me, :twisted: any info deserves a huge thanks.
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Postby Gary » Wed Aug 18, 2004 6:04 am

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