ABS/Wheel Speed Sensor Issue

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ABS/Wheel Speed Sensor Issue

Postby Ironchief » Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:04 pm

I'm going to go through this whole story to give as much information as I can. I had brought my 1990 All Trac into Kal Tire about a month ago to have the front left bearing replaced. Picked it up and there was a grinding noise when turning that i noticed immediately, and the ABS light was on. Brought it right back after driving it about a block and they claimed that the bearing was faulty (although I think it was just installed wrong), and the wheel speed sensor had not been plugged in.
Picked it up the second time, the ABS light was now off, the bearing didn't grind but now my abs kicks in when braking, right before the car has come to a complete stop. (This problem is consistent, not just sometimes, it will always studder right before the stop and sometimes grind) Brought it back again.
Picked it up the third time and they said that the wheel speed sensor just had to be adjusted, took it for a drive and the problem was still there! They had fixed absolutely nothing!
Pretty pissed now :x got it up on a hoist at work and this is what I noticed was wrong:
1) Bracket for wheel speed sensor cable sheared off
2) Cotter pins missing from tie rod end, and another bolt (from hub to control arm I believe)
3) clip missing that holds brake line in place
4) wheel speed sensor seemed to be broken but still holding in there (see pictures)
5) missing dust cover on wheel speed rotor
and I think that's it.
Brought it back the 4th time, with pictures of what was wrong. They fixed most things but didn't replace the wheel speed sensor saying that they had to order it in.
They ordered in the part, and I brought it back for the 5th time. They called me back a few days later saying that they had ordered the right part but the wrong one arrived and the wait would be 3 weeks for the correct part.
I was moving a week later to Winnipeg so I said that I couldn't wait that long, they said that if I brought it into a Kal Tire in Winnipeg that they would get the work done for free.

SO, I'm now in Winnipeg, I brought the car into Kal Tire yesterday and they don't have an OBD I scanner so they said they can't scan the car, and they don't want to just guess that it's the sensor and replace the $250 part and that not be the problem.

I've attached picture so you can see the damage. One is of the left side sensor that is broken, the other of the right side sensor which seems fine.

In my opinion it has to be the sensor, everything was fine when I brought it to Kal Tire the first time, and they only worked in the area dealing with that sensor thus I conclude that it cannot be another part of the ABS braking system. In that case I would narrow it down to the sensor but I'm not positive that it's the problem.

Opinions? Thanks in advance :)
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Re: ABS/Wheel Speed Sensor Issue

Postby RedCelicaTRD » Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:01 am

That sensor is dead. They are prone to getting rusted into the hub and I'm sure they beat the crap out of it trying to remove it. They are also fragile. Beating them bad enough to break the tab off most likely killed it. Regardless of what the new location says, you were promised a new sensor. Tell the new shop the sensor is damaged and you want it replaced. You took it in with a mounting tab and it left the old shop without one. End of story. Replace it.
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Re: ABS/Wheel Speed Sensor Issue

Postby Ironchief » Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:35 pm

Thanks,problem solved.
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