Whiteline front sway bar information ST165

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Whiteline front sway bar information ST165

Postby killemalltrac » Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:56 pm

So a few months ago I purchased a Whiteline front sway bar. The bar that I got came directly from Whiteline. It took several phone calls to track it down and even waiting while someone went out and checked the warehouse. Now over the phone I was told multiple times that this bar fits the ST165 Toyota Celica Alltrac. I ended up just using a different bar and decided to sell it but am now realizing it may not fit the ST165. So my questions are these...

Does the Whiteline BTF60 front sway bar fit the ST165 Celica?
Is it meant for the ST162 and useless to me (most of us)?
Is the coorect number for the Whiteline front bar BTF73?

Please only post from personal experience as I would like to only get facts. If your brother's neighbor has it installed, please have them sign up and post here. :D
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