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Re: ST185 power steering not keeping up

Postby ALLensTRAC » Wed May 07, 2014 12:31 am

I would recommend to rebuild the pump(OEM rebuild kit is cheap) remove the rack and confirm pretension spec, confirm there is zero fluid in rack boots, drain all lines and flush them with brake cleaner, clean the reservoir out, and then perform a system flush after everything is reassembled. With that many kms and no history of hydraulic system repair this is the best place to start. I've seen a few different vehicles do this in quick switchbacks and I've found debris in rack inlet screens, pump veins, and even coolers. If after all this is done and you're still experiencing it then you might look into a pump upgrade from a different model. This is kind of a long shot as Toyota doesn't list pump maximum capabilities. You would have to compare fluid pressure specs at test rpm to different models.

Oh if you do find fluid inside the rack boots I would recommend replacing the rack vs. rebuilding. I got an OEM reman for about 300$ so it's not pricey.
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