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Postby ReDRuM » Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:27 pm

Well I have the aftermarket lowering springs installed.
Fronts are of course easy.
It's the rears that can be an issue.
It is possible to compress the springs ( with spring compressors of course ) whilst they are roughly in place ( the strut mount bushing nuts not on ). Once you've compressed the springs enough you can stick your hand down the strut mount hole and rotate the strut mount bushing until the bolts line up , up top.
Now if I had recalled a bit of basic geometry, when you put the spring/ housing/ bushing together, it's best to have the triangular bushing "pointing" inline with the welded on bolt mounts since these will of course be pointing at the tires. You can get it at least 95% right straight off the bat. I did this for the second side and it saved me a bit of hassle.
* Be careful - you could potentially have your fingers chopped off if the spring compressor lets go in the middle of the process - so I'm not advocating for this process - it's at your risk etc ;)
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