ST165 KYB Shock replacement

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ST165 KYB Shock replacement

Postby blompa » Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:22 pm

I've been reading around a bit and this is not exactly a new topic. What I couldn't find was exact part numbers for parts that fit so that is the reason for my thread.

We recently bought a ST165 (Build thread is located here but is in Swedish: ) that we've been fixing up. We ended up doing a lot of welding and rust repair as well as changing the main and crank bearings as well as the piston rings. We also replaced the crankshaft since it was not looking well.

I really like how well thought out the car is. Most things are designed to come off rather easy etc.

We've been driving it on ice for a while and the shocks whilst not gone, are simply past it.

I've been doing some research and from what I can tell ST185 coilovers (and presumably strut towers?) will be bolt on onto the rear.

For the front, there's need of a spacer (gallery/image.php?image_id=982) since the st185 has a smaller bolt?

Now here's what I've been thinking.

(Kyb catalogue page 261 ... sion_A.pdf )

For the rear I'll just go with KYBs recommendation for the ST185 (I assume the ST185 is a heavier car and this should mean that these shocks are slightly stiffer).
334053 L
334052 R

They're full strut towers.

For the front there seems to be no easy (low-priced :) ) bolt-on strut tower replacement.
I saw on the page that there used to be a domes spacer for sale (on now shut down web pages) that would allow you to fit ST185 front shock inserts (KYB number 365077) on the ST165
So does anyone have the measurements of domed spacer?

An alternative:
Shouldn't the KYB 365068 fit bolt on (without the domed spacer) since it is listed for the ST165?
Or is that wrong by KYB?

(We will also buy some stiffer springs. Probably based on what was recommended in this post)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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Re: ST165 KYB Shock replacement

Postby eric thompson » Tue Feb 23, 2016 6:08 pm

NEED ONE MORE FOR STREET:) (ITS miata 6spd,4.78 rear, shitloads of fun!! multiple wins and track records in 2014)
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Re: ST165 KYB Shock replacement

Postby MrMcQuacker » Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:40 pm

So in that response those st185 rears are bolt on but what about the fronts? Any mode needed? AArno the bolt holes still different in size?
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