Widebody turbo gt coupe suspension/wheel setup

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Widebody turbo gt coupe suspension/wheel setup

Postby slowgt92 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:59 pm

So I have a 92 gt coupe. It's in the process of being factory widebodied, as well as turboed. Basically the goal is a mini gt4.

What I mean by that is I have a gts shell that is a little far gone. I'm pulling the front fenders off and putting them on my gt, while cutting out the rear quarters to mold to my gt, similar to an overfender on a 240sx.

I'll also be turboing the motor temporarily. The stock 5sfe has 223k, but runs super strong. What I want to do is run about 4lbs of boost, to pep the car up until a full 3sgte swap is practical. To do this, I need to get rid of things like cruise control, emmissions, etc.. It's a tubular manifold with a stock 3s topmount intercooler.

I'm hoping that deleting emissions and relocating the battery will make up some of the difference of the added weight of the turbo setup.

What I'm asking, is what can I run wheel/tire wise under the gts/alltrac fenders? I'm hoping to run a fairly meaty setup(17x9, 245's or 255's), while keeping the car pretty low. Obviously, the fenders are gonna be rolled.

On top of this, do you have any suspension tips for dialing in the car to handle best? I'll be running coilovers as well, and I'll try sourcing a sway bar set from a convertible(I've read they're beefier).

I know I'm going to get told to just buy an alltrac, but I got the gt for literally free from a field when I was 16. I enjoy the light, nimble feeling of the car as a fun daily, and want to make it a little more fun. Besides I've read that as great as alltrac's are, they feel bigger and heavier, due to the awd system, etc.

So Long story short, what's the widest wheel/tire setup I can fit under Alltrac/gts fenders, and what/how would you suggest setting up the suspension?
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