Car not starting ? could it be my ecu ?

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Car not starting ? could it be my ecu ?

Postby CuMGeTSuMm » Sun Oct 11, 2009 3:45 am

hey guys i recently took out my clutch pedal bracket as it was cracked, and i got it welded up and put it back in,

everything went fine, after i finished i took the car for a drive and it was good as new, after i drove it for 10 mins i parked it back at home, then when i went to start it again (jump started because batt was dead) it didnt start, it would try to kick over but just couldnt do it, i originally thought it was my fuel pump but ruled it out because i can hear it pumping when i turn the key,.

so i got lubemobile to come out to my house (on road mechanics) and then started testing things out.....,found i had no spark , then tested coil and had no power to coil, and then also no power to ignitor box in the bay...... also they went to test the diagnostics and i have no engine light in the cluster... it doesnt turn on when i turn on acc.... but my stereo comes on lights and sunroof and all that, there is power to the engine as my starter motor tries to start the car but no spark.... have i stuffed my ecu by jump starting ? or when i replaced the clutch have i bump a plug or sensor or something ??

i checked all the fuses and all seem to be ok except the AM2 which is in the little black box under my pod.. i found that was blown. does anyone know what it does ?? i did replace it with a temporary fuse untill i buy one 2morrow but the car still is getting no power through the coil or ignitor box....and also no engine light when i turn the key, but i seem to get power to everything else...any ideas where i should start checking or anything ? should i disconnect the ecu and plug it back in ??

AHHH this cars doing my head in lol

im from australia and it's a ST185 GT4

thanks in advance :)

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