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st185 with st205 front cut

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:36 am
by aus jd 2703
ok guys got my christmas present a low klms st205 front cut including the four pot brakes mmmmm sexc.
before i go madly swapping the engine and transmission over i have a few questions.
i want to use the complete engine loom with as little modification as possible, but i want working aircon, i dont have a working aircon so far and was wondering can i run a 205 compressor with the rest being 185 parts? as the 205 is r134 thus i shouldnt have to convert but im unsure about interfacing my 185 hvac with the 205 system.
has any one did this before?
also as far as dash input and spedo is that plug and play or will i have to re pin?
pretty much i need to know what is necessary to do a full engine transmission and wiring loom swap?
cheers guys i need all the help i can get