air fuel ratios at idle?

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Re: air fuel ratios at idle?

Postby coyoteboy » Sun Jan 09, 2011 4:26 pm

I've run mine at 15:1 with 40 degrees advance on light load (60-85kpa) and saw no problems with coolant temps, any leaner than that and it's starting to get into unhappy territory - it pulses power at about 15.5:1, anything between 35 and 50 degrees, maying cruise impossible, so I'd always keep near stoic (as the stock ECU did, pretty much bang on) by tuning and let the closed-loop keep it happy.

For those saying while making boost you should be nowhere near stoic - this is EXACTLY what the stock ECU did, until about 4-5psi of boost - I've the logs to prove it. Unless the throttle was fairly wide (>25%), even if it was in fairly notable boost it would be closed-loop on the standard narrowband.
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