Need some help with E-Manage Blue.

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Need some help with E-Manage Blue.

Postby celicasilfee » Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:51 am

I got a ridiculously good deal on an EMB, but it only came with a p&p harness for a st215 motor, which I was told wouldn't work for my st185 motor. I've spent the past couple days looking for some harness to mate it to my ecu, but my lack of knowledge in electronical endeavors is leaving me frustrated with no questions answered. :bangshead:

Since the EMB is just a stepping stone for me, & I will be going bigger & better in a year or so, I don't want to spend a whole ton, but my lack of knowledge is also leaning me toward a more p&p option, so spending a bit extra for that isn't too much of a concern. Basically, I'm looking for a patch or p&p harness for an EMB & a st185 ecu. Anyone know where I can find one for decently inexpensive & pretty quickly? If I could get a p&p harness, that would probably be best for me, cuz I don't want to ship out the harness that I have anywhere. I need one pretty soon, though, so I can finally get my car back on the road.

This is for a '90 Alltrac with a RC motor swap, running a T3/T4 Street Brawler kit, HKS Adjustable cam gears, HKS timing belt, & stock fuel (for now) except for a Walbro 255.

ECU gurus.... please help! lol
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