Stock 185 ECU AFR/datalog FYI

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Stock 185 ECU AFR/datalog FYI

Postby coyoteboy » Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:05 pm

Just a note/pointer to those who may be interested, I've dropped 5 logs from my stock UK ecu into the megasquirt post - it might be of interest to some to see exactly what fueling the stock ECU does (most of it's life it's closed loop 14.7:1 it seems).


All sensors should be approx right (give or take a degree or two on the temp sensors). Pulsewidth (PW) is nonsense as it wasn't configured at the time, and the LC-1 wideband is in default mode (7.35 to 22.something mode).

Viewable with megalogviewer.

It was basically a bunch of real-world driving around my area, designed to let me see what AFR I should be starting at when tuning the MS, so I could replicate normal drivability as well as possible.
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