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Postby RoAdbOy » Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:12 pm

Hello, i've see a video to day, and maked some research about this EMS, have someone tried this EMS before? or any know about that?

video from talking about WOLF EMS in ST185:


- 8 Smart, Full sequential Injector outputs, driving 1-32 injectors, including high flow, low impedance injectors down to 0.5ohms per output pin.
The V500 injector driver system reports live status of all injector channels including peak and hold reached times, injector current, short, weak and open circuits.

- 8 Full sequential Ignition outputs, driving 1-8 ignition coil packs in sequential, banked, single, rotary or inverted modes.

- Latest 3D graphing, live dashboards and Datalogging software.

- Advanced high-detail Fuel, Ignition and Control mapping systems, 2048 points at 125rpm steps with Easy Tuning modes.

- Dual Memory system, Power/Economy, Petrol/Gas modes and more.

- Control Functions:
* 16 General Purpose Output (GPO) functions supporting Auxiliary Outputs, with windowed switching
* 6 MultiController Output (MCO) functions, supporting 3D and 2D multi-axis tables for mapped linear control of any extra outputs desired, including PWM, solenoid position and trim control of internal ECU parameters
* GPO and MCO functions can support VTEC/VVT, NOS, Water Spray, Stepper Motor, Emissions Control, Idle Up, Warning Lights, and any other additional devices required.
* Wide-Band Air-Fuel-Ratio (Lambda)
* Closed Loop Control
* Idle Speed Control
* Stepper Motor Control
* Turbo Boost/Wastegate Control
* Turbo Timer support
* Shift Light function, dedicated with up to 6 stages and flash point.

- Dedicated Inputs:

* 13 Auxiliary Input pins available as many extra inputs
* Camshaft, Crankshaft, Reference and Sync Trigger inputs, Hall Effect, Reluctor and Optical, user selectable
* Internal MAP sensor up to 30psi boost (higher with external sensor)
* External MAP or MAF Sensor
* Throttle Position
* Engine Temperature
* Lambda/Oxygen Sensor, Dual Channel, Narrow Band or Wideband LSU4
* Air Conditioning Request
* Vehicle/Wheel Speed

- Dedicated Outputs:

* 15 to 27 Auxiliary Output pins available as extra outputs (unused Injector and Ignition pins can be used)
* 8 Smart, Full sequential Injector outputs
* 8 Full sequential Ignition outputs
* Fuel Pump
* Thermo Fan
* Idle Speed Control
* Tacho Output
* Turbo Timer

- Sensor Inputs have full OEM-style diagnostics and error checking on each input, detecting out of range or faulty sensors, correcting them to a safe value, and reporting the fault via a flash-code system. Any errors logged can then be inspected by the Wolf V500 PC Software included.

- Runs engines up to 16 cylinders with full rotary engine support and odd cylinder counts allowed.

- Internal MAP sensor reads boost pressures up to 30psi.

- Supports most existing sensors in the vehicle, saving wiring and installation time.

- Latest 32 bit processor running at 40MHz with Dual Time Co-Processors, giving precise sequential delivery of fuel and ignition and supporting all other functions including high speed Datalogging with no performance loss.

- Weighs only 500 grams and measures 126mm x 114mm x 39mm.
Supplied with wiring harness, quick start guide and searchable installation manual.

product website:
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Postby MWP » Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:48 am

They are quite popular here in Australia.
Quite a powerful ECU, and the PC tuning software is brilliant.
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Postby tw2 » Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:27 pm

If I were to do a standalone on a any car ever again I would use a wolf without doubt.
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