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Postby Josiah » Wed May 09, 2012 8:11 pm

88 st165 3sgte.
Power steering deleted
A/C fully deleted
Cruise control deleted
Battery Relocated

Got it running last friday. It was RUNNING (so i dont believe it is anything that has been deleted or relocated). It has an HKS FCON etype piggyback. Fuel pressure was low but it must be the used adjustable FPR I had lying around was no good. Started up about 10 times no problem, ran without issues. Moved the piggyback and went to start again, the light on the HKS unit stayed on after key was out. Right away I realized that this was an issue, Now it wont start. Has initial spark from the coil after the battery is disconnected, the EFI relay is unplugged or the ECU fuse is unplugged and the ECU is reset. Not enough spark to start the engine though. After cranking, the ignition seems to stay on. Fuel pump doesnt stay on though and ive tried a known working ignition switch. Harness is visibly fine. Coil resistance checks out, pickup coil's resistance checks out. New cap, rotor, plugs (gapped), and wires.

What im thinking is the ECU ground got messed up and the ECU committed suicide since it controls the Ignitor which in turn controls the Coil ground. Im getting 12 volts to the coil key on, key off, 0v.

Im ruling out the Ignitor itself because of the IGN staying on problem.

Anyone have any other ideas? Also looking for an ECU because if that is the issue I need to get it running asap.

The previous owner seemed to have taken out the COR (circuit opening relay) but again, it was running fine without it.

Thanks in advanced!
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Postby crazyceli25 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 8:05 pm

my approach with my own cars is when something goes wrong
rule out the last thing I touched. Since you said you moved the hks unit and the light stayed on.
Possibly an electronic malfunction inside the unit? Bad wiring to the unit?
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