Apexi Power FC ELS (Headlights-Defogger) issues

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Apexi Power FC ELS (Headlights-Defogger) issues

Postby **BETSY** » Tue May 14, 2013 7:09 pm

Ok so I'm still having an issue with my PFC permanently running with the ELD switched on/Lit up, this can be viewed by looking at sesor/sw check via the power commander.

When adjusting idle speed through the power commander I have to adjust idle ELD, not the Idle AE as it should be.
The orange wire is connected correctly and working as it should, 12v can be found with the headlights and rear heated screen switched on, this disappears when these two systems are switched off.
If I remove the orange ELS wire from the ecu no difference!

Any ideas where the ecu may be picking up another signal for ELS?


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