Hood Vents for ST165

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Hood Vents for ST165

Postby freddie » Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:59 pm

I want to fit some vents in the hood of my ST165 to let out some hot air.One each side of the hood, like in the 185.

I have looked on Ebay Australia, UK and US and other sites, but I haven't found any thing to suit the look of the 165.

The only one I have seen that may suit is ones for a Ford Fiesta and Ford Mustang.

If I can't get something suitable then I think I will get a sheet metal fabricator to stamp out a steel panel of the raised louvre type.
say 9-10" (200mm) long x 4-5" (120mm) wide with about 20 louvres/slots in it, and then fabricate the panels into the hood (one each side)

I don't want to fit a scoop in the middle of the hood. Just some discreet functional vents. If I could buy the vents like in the 185 they would
suit me fine.

What do you think guys? What have you owners done with your 165? I know there is a thread on here some where about hoods for a ST165
but it goes nowhere.


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Re: Hood Vents for ST165

Postby UtahSleeper » Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:14 am


We have a thread on that where people have shown what they have done and ideas they have.
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