MR2 fun: STI, Evo, GTP, 300zx

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MR2 fun: STI, Evo, GTP, 300zx

Postby Guest » Wed Nov 24, 2004 11:43 pm

For anybody from south eastern WI (probably nobody, heh) you'll know where hwy 100 is. It's a long stretch of 3 lane highway near Milwaukee where rain for shine pretty much every night of the year there is some sort of cruising. Duing the summer its pretty huge, full of cars, imports and domest.

So anyway the other night I went out and caused some ruckus in the MR2! I beat countless little imports and domestic V6s etc, I'll just stick to the bigger boys ;)

First one I'll cover is the STI I guess. Nice car, older guy. We raced from a roll, probably around 35 or so. He walked me slowly, up to about 90 or so, he was probably up by 3/4 a lenth or so by then, pretty quick car.

300ZX. Almost positive it was turbo, we went three times, twice from a roll. All three times I ended up ahead. He had some trouble with tire spin, but after he hooked up he definitely didn't have the power to pull on me at all. He kept pretty even though, was close.

Grand Prix GTP, supercharged. Pretty quick car I guess, SC V6. I took him to town, definitely walked him, two different times. Stayed with me decently though.

Last but not least, the Evo. We went from a roll starting at about 40 or so. I pulled in 3rd, around 3k rpm. he pulled on me immediately and went up close to a length. He let off after about a second of pulling on me, and I let off the throttle thinking he was finished with me. He was shifting up to 3rd!!! He got back on it and so I did too, with him a car up. I stayed at a car behind all the way through third, right on his tail up to 100 before we shut it down. Made me mad that I didn't realize he was in 2nd, and let off the throttle when he shifted, something I normally wouldn't do, but he took his time between gears. Had I not let off I'm pretty confident I woulda had him. And had he started off in 3rd also I'm pretty sure I woulda pulled on him :doh: After that pull he wouldn't go anymore!! :shoots:
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Postby Spud » Wed Nov 24, 2004 11:56 pm

btw that first post was mine, heh.....for some reason I got loged out
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Postby ChrisD » Thu Nov 25, 2004 2:47 am

Damn you mr2'ers. So quick, dont even need much for mods. :D :P

Some good races! :smokes:
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